Sales Force

Overview, the market leader in CRM accentuate on two paradigms (i) Ease of Use (ii) Low Price. surpassingly improves the efficiency of the Sales Team and the account managers achieving higher productivity and greater Customer Satisfaction.

And Involgixs, follow the same paradigms further to make the salesforce implementation Simple, Cost effective, quicker with Quality assured to help clients achieve Revenue Gowth and Competitive advantage.

Our Role begins with identifying clients’ desired business goals and end when the same are achieved.

Involgixs Salesforce Implementation services include:

Solution Design and Deployment Plan

Involgixs evaluates your existing System and current practices to measure the efficiency, recommend necessary action, develop best practices, and design a cost effective Salesforce implementation Strategy with timelines and milestones for the complete program.

Sales & Service Cloud Setup

Involgixs will setup, configure and custom build Salesforce perfectly fitted to support your business needs. Workflows, email templates and approval processes will be developed for business process automation. For a better business insights highly effective custom reports and dashboards will be created.

Custom Solutions

With several man-years of experience developing custom features for standard Salesforce applications we help you realize the full potential of Salesforce using platform enhancing the capability.

Data Migration & Data Management

Data migration & Data management services that include data extraction, cleansing, standardization and validation, de-duplication, and import into Salesforce are offered.


Involgixs helps you integrate with your other business critical systems like ERP applications with various modules such as manufacturing, Financial, HR and marketing automation software, call center software and more.

Training and Support

We show you how to get a maximum ROI on your implementation. Ongoing maintenance and continued improvements are critical for the success of a Salesforce implementation. We help you identify the metrics that will help you monitor the success of your implementation, plus setup of dashboards and reports