INVOLGIXS, Inc. is an IT Solutions company. Headquartered at Austin, TX. In order to meet the growing needs of its clients, INVOLGIXS will shortly open offices in the east and west coasts. Since its inception, INVOLGIXS has remained focused on meeting its clients' for requirements. INVOLGIXS consultants focus on generating business value through innovation while satisfying users, transferring knowledge and enhancing relationships with clients.

INVOLGIXS Leadership:
Experienced professionals who have over 20 years of IT development & consulting expertise lead INVOLGIXS. Between them, they worked in various countries for several public and private sector organizations and for Fortune 500 companies. All the expertise gained from various sectors is the major source for inception of INVOLGIXS.

These professionals developed IT strategies, developed and supported applications; and improved business processes to achieve business benefits. Client benefits include improvements such as 15 per cent gain in annual revenues, freeing up over $200m with a four-fold improvement in inventory turnover, one-time cash generation of $60m, and 30 per cent gain in profitability.

Representative client sectors include Telecom, Engineering, Insurance, financial and Health care sectors.

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