Legacy Modernization


Legacy systems have been around for decades, providing business critical functions across many business segments. The shortage of resources and heavy burden of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) - combined with production and performance issues caused by lack of agility and resistance to change – are compelling reasons to modernize legacy systems.

The increasing costs without benefit of new business capabilities make the need for modernization obvious, yet the task of modernization is daunting given the investment risk and business disruption. In addition, lack of a clear migration path makes it one of the most difficult decisions facing IT executives.

There are multiples ways (i.e., migrate, replace or redesign) to modernize your legacy systems. Our Legacy Modernization services can set you on the right path. We'll recommend a modernization approach that optimizes your assets and large portfolio of applications with minimal service disruptions. We can help you minimize the risks and the costs.


Our Legacy Modernization services take a balanced and holistic approach that weighs risks and benefits and designs a modernization roadmap using system rationalization. Through this analysis we apply a low risk strategy to implement new systems.

There is more than one way to modernize legacy systems, and we can help you with any of them.

Re-engineering: Legacy System Transformation is achieved through re-engineering using Java/.Net technologies and automation tools.

SOA Enablement: We build your SOA architecture by capturing legacy business logic in SOA services and extending your legacy systems through web based user interfaces.

Re-hosting (Lift & Shift): With a "Lift & Shift" approach, we can move the system "as-it-is" to a more cost-effective distributed platform using Micro Focus Enterprise Server.

Legacy Performance Optimization: We analyze, optimize and improve legacy system performance using Modernization Workbench, and we can also re-architect legacy systems for flexibility and re-use.

Knowledge Engineering: We offer knowledge engineering to develop application documentation, extract business rules and reverse engineer business requirements.

Why Involgixs for Legacy Modernization

  • Minimize risk with a progressive transformational approach leveraging both legacy expertise and new technology implementation.
  • Choice of modernization strategies designed to lower risk while producing immediate benefits.
  • Business value driven methodology that takes a holistic view of core components of organization: its people, processes, architecture, and applications.
  • Proven track record of providing end-to-end solutions from modernization strategy to implementation and maintenance.
  • Resources with in-depth knowledge of both legacy and distributed environments supported by Centers of Excellence.
  • Long-term strategic partnerships provide added value and flexibility "beyond the contract."
  • Proven methodology that can be easily tailored to customer needs.
  • Cost-effective global delivery model maximizes cost savings and customer service.
  • Highly matured service offering leverages accelerators (artifacts and templates), which can shorten implementation time by up to 25%.
  • Automation supported by Modernization Workbench for detailed code analysis and documentation can improve efficiency by up to 20%.