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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services

An organization's ability to quickly gather, access and analyze information is crucial to making successful business decisions. A critical factor in providing successful Business Intelligence solutions, Data Warehousing solutions and Reporting & Analytics solutions is delivering high performance at a low cost. GlobalLogic partners with both ISVs and BI-enabled enterprises to develop and support robust, cost-effective business intelligence solutions using proven processes and a combination of proprietary (Oracle, Microsoft), open source (Pentaho, JasperSoft) and stand-alone (Ab Initio, Informatica, BiRT) technologies.

Focus Areas
GlobalLogic provides software product development and product support services for all aspects of the BI/DW lifecycle, from data acquisition and data warehouse architecture to dashboards and KPI. Our focus areas include:
  • ETL and Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • BI Tool Benchmarking and Integration

Our Capabilities
GlobalLogic offers full lifecycle services for BI/DW solutions, from defining a product's roadmap to recommending the right tools to building and supporting the finalized product. In addition to working with technology providers and enterprises to help engineer next-generation BI/DW solutions, we also have partnerships with tool providers to integrate and benchmark their products with a plethora of commercial and open source tools. Some of our capabilities in the BI/DW sector include: ETL & Data Warehousing
  • Implementing and sustaining the data warehouse from end-to-end
  • Integrating products with legacy systems, spooled data, flat files and third-party systems
  • Cleaning, transforming and aggregating data
  • Managing metadata
  • Performing dimensional modeling

Enterprise Performance Management
  • Defining KPIs, scorecards and metrics, as well as reporting and query needs
  • Integrating processes and data across existing platforms with the EPM suite
  • Designing and implementing a reference data model
  • Identifying and integrating source data and workflow tools

Reporting & Analytics
  • Developing systems robust enough to support algorithms that crunch large datasets
  • Creating mash-ups and interactive dashboards to display summarized data
  • Working with pre-defined and impromptu queries, custom dashboards, drill-down and summary reports, and what-if analysis
  • Slicing/dicing data cubes around various dimensions
  • Developing BI portals, ROLAP/MOLAP/HOLAP and executive dashboards

BI Tool Benchmarking & Integration
  • Performing gap analysis, performance benchmarking and tools integration
  • Developing proof-of-concepts
  • Enabling QA automation
  • Creating and configuring virtual appliances for optimal performance
  • Auto-generating business data for performance engineering