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Banking Software Solutions

The global banking industry is undergoing a major transformation due to recent changes in economic conditions and regulatory norms. Banks are now transitioning to a "universal banking" model (i.e., scaling services beyond checking/savings/loans) in order to succeed in this extremely competitive market. Innovations in the banking sector such as peer-to-peer lending, micropayments, collaborative financial planning and social savings are also changing the landscape of this domain. Furthermore, regulatory compliance is a critical factor that must be given top priority in day-to-day operations.

Our Banking Software Solution Focus Areas Involgixs has helped clients develop and support a wide variety of banking software solutions for the following areas:
  • Lending & Leasing
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Reporting

Our Banking Software Product Capabilities
Utilizing our knowledge of both proprietary and open source software development technologies, as well as current market requirements and regulations, Involgixs is able to provide the following services for building and supporting banking software solutions:
  • Leverage SaaS models to incorporate SOA best practices
  • Develop financial reporting products that implement XBRL standards, adhere to SEC norms and generate statutory reports
  • Design lending applications that integrate with credit bureaus and credit reports (e.g., Experian, Equifax, D&B)
  • Develop frameworks for fraud detection and prevention
  • Build financial analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Migrate legacy banking software to a Cloud Computing model
  • Ensure banking software compliance with MiFiD, Basel II, trading & broking KYC and anti-money laundering regulations
  • Develop mobile banking applications

Financial Software Services Solutions

The financial services market relies heavily on cutting-edge technology to gather large amounts of information and execute lightning-fast transactions. Firms in this sector are willing to invest large sums on financial services software products that will enable them to make smarter business decisions. In particular, these systems must be able to process real-time data with complex algorithms and provide flexible reporting capabilities.

Our Focus on Financial Software Solution Areas Involgixs has worked with both financial services firms and leading financial software vendors to deliver innovative wealth management and investment solutions. Together with our clients, we have developed financial software solutions for the following areas:
  • Trading and brokering
  • Financial consulting and advising
  • Financial analysis and business reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management

Our Financial Software Services Capabilities Involgixs's market expertise extends to delivering financial software solutions that are specifically designed for the acquisition of high-volume data and execution of complex transactions. Our software engineers are skilled in proprietary and open source technologies to provide the following services:
  • Build Business Intelligence tools and complex dashboards (e.g., Strategy Companion, Pentaho, Microsoft Analysis Services)
  • Design products for portfolio construction and investment planning
  • Develop interfaces for CRM applications
  • Integrate large systems using legacy technologies (e.g., VB)
  • Migrate legacy financial services software to a Cloud Computing model
  • Leverage SaaS models to incorporate SOA best practices
  • Develop mobile financial services applications

Insurance Software Solutions –Real-time Access to Information Analysis

The insurance market is currently undergoing industry consolidation, regulatory pressures, shifting demographics and shrinking margins. Businesses in this sector need a special "edge" to stand out from the competition. Insurance firms are also experiencing a shift in business model as tech-savvy customers demand online services, forcing companies to ensure a unified customer experience across diverse sales and service channels. Above all, firms depend on insurance software solutions that accelerate their business processes and provide real-time access to information analysis.

Our Focus Information Software Service Areas Involgixs has worked with leading insurance firms and software vendors to quickly and cost-effectively develop and support insurance software solutions for the following areas:
  • Insurance Underwriting
  • Policies, Claims and Reinsurance
  • Client and Broker Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Health Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Flexible Benefit Management

Our Capabilities in Providing Insurance Software Solutions Involgixs helps its clients build reliable, complex insurance software solutions by leveraging a deep knowledge of both legacy and cutting-edge technology, as well as proven business process management tools. Our expertise allows us to provide the following services:
  • Develop insurance software products that can process and manage a high volume of data
  • Build complex analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Leverage a SaaS model to incorporate SOA best practices
  • Integrate large systems using legacy technologies (e.g., VB)
  • Migrate legacy insurance software products to a Cloud Computing model
  • Develop mobile insurance applications