Employee Benefits

Knowledge Enhancement Program
At INVOLGIXS we recognize that our employees are an asset to us every effort is made to help them upgrade their skills by investing for their future. Training materials, Knowledge meetings and access to knowledge bases are provided as support when on assignments. Opportunity to acquire technical certifications is also provided. These training programs are updated frequently, as new technologies become available, allowing employees to keep up to date with industry trends.

Eligible INVOLGIXS employees are offered a comprehensive health insurance package that includes wellness benefits, a prescription drug card and a low-network deductible. Dental and vision coverage is also included in the medical package. Contact HR Department whether you qualify for this plan.

Eligible INVOLGIXS employees receive a vacation of 15 days per year for the first four years, 20 days after four years and 30 days after eight years of service. Vacation begins accruing for new employees after three months of employment.

All INVOLGIXS employees have six holidays per year. Up to five additional paid client holidays are also provided.

Eligible INVOLGIXS employees are provided relocation expenses to move to the client's site for working on projects.

Referral Plan
INVOLGIXS provides its employees rewards for any new business development activities. Several incentives are paid to employees for referring professionals to INVOLGIXS and the referring person completes 100 days of service.

INVOLGIXS recognizes that human resources are its greatest assets for the long-term success. We believe in continuous training to improve the skills of our employees and help them to perform in the most challenging assignments. Finally, we put every effort in retaining our people.
Some of the reasons why people prefer to join us are:

Open environment
Concern for the individual
Culture of caring and sharing
Rewarding demonstrated performance - fostering achievement
Constant learning and personal enrichment
High sense of responsibility
Ability to express oneself in a culture of freedom

To be considered for any position at INVOLGIXS, email us at hr@Involgix.com

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