Cloud Analyzation & Strategy Implementation


In terms of solution architecture and capabilities, the Cloud offers something valuable and unique: a new paradigm for computing that can provide more scalability and flexibility in your application services and IT operations. The Cloud has great potential to meet rapidly growing and changing business needs in a cost effective way.

Involgixs Cloud Analyzation and Strategy Implementation services can help you assess the viability of cloud computing for your business, and identify the real benefits you could realize. We take a close look through your portfolio to find those applications that would be most beneficial for cloud computing, assess their readiness for migration, and work out a migration road map designed to obtain maximum benefit from a Cloud transition. from spiraling over budget.

We have tremendous experience helping clients understand and define the key drivers behind cloud computing, including service scalability and flexible capacity handling from IT services to meet fluctuation demands. For example, you may have seasonal or ongoing increases in transactional and data volumes that would benefit from a cloud computing strategy.

Whatever your motivation, our Cloud Analyzation and Strategy Implementation services will help you determine if cloud computing is right for your organization, enable you to see what criteria determine fit and readiness, and show you how to realize value in the most cost effective manner.


Our Cloud Analyzation and Strategy implementation approach is based on our standard methodology for conducting a complete IT portfolio analysis. We help you define the key drivers behind your cloud strategy and then systematically put each one through a set of evaluation criteria. This is used to profile systems in your portfolio and to structure an evaluation scorecard tailored to the specifics of your cloud strategy.

We take a multi-dimensional approach that looks at the business, operational, technology/architectural, resource/cost, and governance aspects of your systems; this allows us to do an effective risk and feasibility analysis based on a complete picture of your portfolio.

Our Analyzation will describe what we think cloud computing can achieve for your business and a strategy for getting there. For each component of your portfolio, we determine its suitability for transitioning to the Cloud and its readiness for migration. Our Cloud Analyzation Framework enables us to custom tailor a set of selection criteria based on your business priorities, potential business value, environmental requirements, size and scope of migration, and other factors. We are then able to evaluate and communicate our high-level recommendations for each application and service in the portfolio analysis.

Our experience shows cloud computing can bring many benefits, including: greater flexibility and mobility; global usage with scalability and high availability; and reduced costs while simultaneously giving IT more time to focus on business challenges. Our Cloud Analyzation and Strategy services can help you realize these benefits with less risk and cost.

Why Involgixs for Cloud Analyzation and Strategy Implementation

  • Cloud Agnostic approach means we do not favor a particular Cloud provider or technology; we provide independent and unbiased Analyzations based on your current IT environment and vision for your future.
  • Cloud Strategy delivers value through multiple levels, including flexible resource planning, agility, low risk delivery, superior quality, lower cost, and continuous improvement and innovation
  • Cloud computing practice constantly strives to deliver the best Cloud-based solutions by leveraging best practices we have congregated over past engagements.
  • Because "One Cloud does not fit all," our R&D team tests different Cloud platforms and technologies to determine the best fit to meet customer requirements and expectations.
  • Actively nurtured Cloud partner ecosystem provides access to subject matter experts and a knowledge base of all the major Cloud vendors, allowing us in turn to partner with our clients to define and adopt a robust cloud roadmap.
  • Involgixs provides end-to-end ownership in helping you realize the benefits of moving to the Cloud.
  • Our talent pool provides expertise across Cloud technologies and diverse business domains; we add even more value by investing in and cultivating technology alliances with key Cloud players.
  • Client Relationship based on our unique client-centric Global Engagement Model enables us to have a thorough understanding of your business and propose the best Cloud solution for improving efficiency, containing costs, and driving innovation.